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If your computer is getting too hot, it will usually turn itself off to protect the processor. If this happens too often, it could damage any number of internal components and you could be looking at a much more serious problem.

Computers do the same thing we do to cool off – use a fan. Your CPU and GPU both produce a lot of heat that needs to be cooled properly. Your laptop’s heat sync transfers heat from your processors to the vents on the bottom and side of your laptop, which your computer’s fan then blows out. If your fan is not working properly, the heat gets trapped inside. Take a look at a few of our notes on an overheating laptop:

Noisy fan or non-spinning fan

If your fan is making a loud noise, there could be something stuck between the fan blades. Maybe it needs to be cleaned, or maybe the fan needs to be replaced. Bring it by and we’ll let you know.

Fan wont spin

When your home AC stops, your home gets unbearably hot. The same thing happens with your laptop. If your fan isn’t spinning, it’s time for a new one.

Heat risk to Motherboard

Much like heatstroke, too much heat can be bad for your laptop. Excess heat can damage your graphics chip or your motherboard and you’ll be looking at a much more serious problem than a fan repair. Bring it by before it’s too late.

If you still experience problems, bring your overheating computer by Computer Clinic ®, or fill out our quote form, to get a free diagnosis and estimate.