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charging issues

Sometimes your laptop is fine but just won’t charge. If you’re having problems charging your laptop, or if your computer no longer works even when it’s plugged into the wall – this could be a power jack problem. Don’t worry though, we can fix that! You can confirm your problem is a power jack by walking through the following these easy steps, or by bringing it by our office for a free diagnostic! To diagnose the issue yourself.

Try a new power cable

Sometimes it’s as simple as a new power adapter. If you don’t have one – just bring it by and we’ll try one of ours.

Still doesn’t work?

This one is pretty conclusive. If a new power cable doesn’t work, it’s definitely a problem with your laptop. Stop by for a free estimate.

Is your power jack loose?

This is a classic power jack issue. Over time, repeated wear and tear can damage a power jack and cause the jack to pull off the motherboard. Don’t worry though – we can fix this.

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